Light Art Performance
By using the light-art it is possible to create spectacular, customized shows for corporate events. The light-art is an ephemeral art form in which a light source is used to create a chemical reaction on special coated canvas. The show is very flexible; the only requirement is relative darkness. I love to create storylines for all kinds of needs. The light-art is a barely known art form that amazes and surprises at any event.

With a light-art-show your wedding will have a unique and magical touch. The storyline of the show is created individually for each bridal couple. The length of the performance variegates from 5 to 20 minutes and is distinguished by its flexibility and versatility. Only almost darkness is needed during the show. The bridal couple is involved in the show as their silhouettes are pictured on the canvas.

All guests are invited to use the light-art to write or draw on the canvas like they would do in a guest book. While the guests are being creative, a camera is taking a photo every few seconds. With all these pictures a time-lapse-video is going to be created that depicts what happened this special night. The artistic activity of your guests will contribute to a fun and positive atmosphere.

This technic is an incredible tool for workshops. It´s perfekt for team building and improves creative thinking.

The canvas I’m working on is transportable and the dimensions are 3 x 2 m.